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Episode 760: Is This Thing On

Most of her fellow cast members averted their gazes as Adria approached their director. Everything she’d initially admired about the woman, her passion for the project, her take-charge attitude, were now coming back to bite Adria.

However, unlike her fellow actors, she wasn’t quite ready to go with the director’s flow. "You know, I was thinking, with this act we should-"

The director, Sabrina, held up an open palm, stopping Adria mid-sentence, as usual, refusing to hear anyone out, no matter how loud their voice, Sabrina proved louder. "For the last time, people, what’s on the page will be on the stage."

Adria nodded and retreated to the corner of the stage where she’d left her script. She sat and pretended to study the pages, though really; she was fuming, and busily talking herself out of quitting the play.

She and her husband, Ryley, had chosen this role together and for the sake of the marriage, she wanted to make this work. She wanted Ryley to feel a part of her success, and more importantly, to feel a part of her team, to stop thinking she’d prefer a different kind of guy, a more creative partner, like her former director, Dustin.

She didn’t want someone with questionable motives; she wanted Ryley, with his good heart, and supportive arms, she wanted him in all his buttoned-up, suited glory. She did, however, crave creativity in her work, more collaboration with her director, and so, again, she tried.

"Don’t you think-"

"I do think. I’ve thought this through. It’s my vision, and it’s your job to play it out."

It took an abundance of willpower for Adria to keep her mouth shut and return to her script. Just as she did, her phone buzzed, and she hoped it was her husband with some encouraging words for her, instead, she found a text from Dustin.

Episode 761: Applause

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