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Episode 759: True Love

They’d agreed to meet for a slice at a pizza place, It was nothing fancy, it didn’t need to be, what it needed to be was the answer to Tansy’s problems. This wasn’t a date, it was more important.

The moment they sat in a quiet corner booth, they mutually decided that anything Tansy had shared in confidence remained in confidence, so Lucy told him everything she’d observed at school from afar.

"It’s apparent she’s receiving the cold shoulder from the majority of her classmates," Lucy said. "I just don’t know why. Her parents told me she used to have a number for friend, now they’ve seemingly abandoned her."

Xavier nodded. "She had a really tough Valentine’s, showed up at my apartment the night before in tears. There was some secret Valentine exchange at school and hers… it was… upsetting."

"Just upsetting to Tansy, or to you, as well?"

"To me, too."

"I don’t suppose you can tell me what it was?"

"I promised. She didn’t even share it with her parents. I’m the only one. Part of me thinks I should tell you, but-"

"But then Tansy may stop confiding in you and then who will she talk to, right?" I think for now you should keep doing what you’re doing, keep listening. If you sense danger, then tell her parents, and me, right away, but otherwise, I think it’s paramount that she trust you, that she’s opening up to someone, we don’t want to lose that."

"She hasn’t opened up that much," Xavier said. "Not enough. She showed me the Valentine, but I’m just guessing at what it meant. I told her she could talk to me about it. But she hasn’t yet."

"Just make it clear to her that the line of communication is always open, day or night, okay? Please." Lucy reached across the table and squeezed his hand. "She talks about you in adoring terms. I’m certain you’re her only friend. I know you’re an adult with your own life, but, please, please, always make time for her. You’re as important as her parents, I can feel it."

Episode 760: Is This Thing On

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