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Episode 757: Glad You Came

Xavier didn’t usually deal with customers. No one had recognized him in a long while - not since Talia - and Xavier had relaxed a bit because of that, even so, he’d never been a huge people person, and fortunately, his boss understood that.

Generally, when a customer walked in, it fell to Quentin or one of the other employees to greet them, while Xavier stayed back. However, this woman had hammered on the office door for several minutes, and it appeared everyone else was too busy to deal with her, which meant she would soon walk away, probably to another garage.

Quentin had been good to Xavier; he couldn’t let the guy lose business without at least trying to be of help, so he approached the woman. He cleared his throat and followed the basic script he’d overheard everyone else in the garage use, he started by asking if she had an appointment.

"Oh, no, I just need to speak with the owner."

"Sorry, he’s out on a call and then he has a family thing. He won’t be back today. But if you wouldn’t mind waiting, I can talk to one of the other mechanics, Quent makes sure there all as qualified as he is, you have nothing to worry about."

"I have tons to worry about," the woman muttered as she turned from him. As she walked away, Xavier thought he heard her say something about Quentin and Justine, and how she wanted to help their daughter, but she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere with anyone.

Xavier had been counting the minutes where he could feel okay about leaving this woman be and return to his comfort zone, but the moment he heard her rambling, he strode after her. "Wait," he said. "This is about Tansy?"

Episode 758: Not Like The Others

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