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Episode 754: How You Get The Girl

Jesse slammed his textbook on to the bed and it bounced off the mattress on to the floor. He wasnít in the mood for catching up on homework or anything else.

Caroline had two dates lined up for Valentineís weekend, Charlie was going all out, some community dance the night before, and tonight, a dinner date at like, an actual grown-up, adult restaurant.

It left Jesse in a totally foul state of mind, and he took it out on Nate when the younger boy strolled into the bedroom and asked if Jesse wanted to play a game.

"Why would I want to do that?" Jesse barked, and he felt sorry for saying it the minute his little brother shrank back towards the closed door.

Jesse leapt off the bed and pulled Nateís hand from the doorknob.

"You can stay; I didnít mean to yell at you like that, Iím sorry. Itís just not a great day. Itís Valentineís Day, so I wanted to see Caroline, only, Iím grounded." Because he hadnít been able to call home to say heíd be late. Because heíd been stuck in an empty classroom at school. Because he couldnít move. Because of this stupid sickness.

"How come you were late getting home?" Nate asked as both brothers sat on the end of Jesseís bed.

"School library, like I said." Jesse made sure to keep eye contact to a minimum. "Itís not like I donít call all the time. This was one slip and they act as if Iím totally untrustworthy. They should believe me."

"I believe you," Nate said.

"Thanks, bud," Jesse replied, though his brotherís belief in him made him feel worse, not better.

"Hey, I know what to do," Nate enthused. "Iíll talk to mom and dad; itís the truth so Iíll get them to believe you."

His little brotherís puppy eyes occasionally did work magic on them. But it wasnít the truth, and so, basically, heíd be using Nate, and he wouldnít do that, would he?

Episode 755: Your Love Is A Lie

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