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Episode 751: You've Got A Friend

"What you choose, youíll look as amazing as always," Sebastian said, pulling Avalon in close while Lila, pleasant wedding planner that she was, made gagging noises in the background.

"Enough with the sugary sweetness," Lila said. "Save it for your wedding night. Ava and I need to get to work on finding her a dress. It wouldnít reflect well on my planning if we donít get this done. If she doesnít have a dress, you canít get married."

"Weíre definitely getting married." Sebastian grinned wide and planted a kiss on Ava; meantime, she felt horrible guilt for not feeling anywhere near as enthused as he did. "Iíll leave you to it," he said.

After Sebastian walked out, Avalon and Lila settled on the sofa with a stack of wedding magazines, intending to search the internet later, as well. Lila thought they should do as much research as possible and have a clear understanding of what they were seeking before venturing into bridal shops. It was a sensible strategy and it also allowed Ava to drag her feet a bit more on the wedding stuff, which was more than welcome, after all, just flipping through the magazine had her so on edge that her sweaty fingers stuck to the pages.

"Youíre really freaked out," Lila said.

"Iím not. Iím fine."

"It is okay to admit that youíre human, you know, I wonít tattle on you. Honestly. I swear."

"Iím justÖ If youíd had the non-wedding that I did, youíd be gun shy, too."

Lila nodded and she actually looked sympathetic. "I havenít been dumped on the day, but you know I had my jitters, and you helped me through them. My offer still stands to repay the favor. Neither of us is exactly overflowing with girlfriends, it might not be such a disaster if we occasionally tried to be that for each other, if you want. I mean, Iíll still insult how perfect you are sometimes, but the other times, when youíre not feeling so perfect in ways only another girl could understand, maybe we could talk."

"That," Ava hesitated, only briefly, "as crazy as it sounds, also sounds kind of nice."

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