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Episode 750: You Are in Love

Ryley reached for his glass of wine on the coffee table. His eyes never left the script on his lap. He wore such a serious expression on his face, so focused and determined, that it pretty well melted his wife’s heart.

Adria could not focus on anything other than him. The sandwiches they’d fixed in lieu of a more time consuming dinner, well, hers had missed her lips a half dozen times or more. It had taken her over two hours to polish off a simple turkey and cheese on rye. And, it wasn’t from a preoccupation with pinning down her next acting role, she was too busy for that, she was falling in love with her husband all over again. Which should be a good thing, not the sinking disappointment her chest made it out to be.

Ryley lifted his head. He must have felt her eyes on him. "What?" He asked.

"Nothing." It was nothing. The disappointment, that was just stupid. That was just some selfish, stupid part of her convinced that marriage was an albatross around her career, and somehow she’d be better off trading her husband for the role of a lifetime. Except, it wasn’t the role of a lifetime. There would be other roles. There would not be other men who loved her as genuinely as Ryley did.

"Am I…" Ryley polished off the remainder of his wine with a hard gulp. "Am I not looking at these scripts the right way? I’m really trying to think about whether it will challenge you and be something new for you to play, and the kind of thing you enjoy."

"I know, and you’re doing great, this is really helpful." Sure, Dustin would have seen the too strong echoes of another work in one of the scripts. Dustin would have known the playwright with precise dialogue probably would not be open to her experimenting with the character, but she wasn’t married to Dustin. She was married to Ryley, the guy who’d had her back through a million ups and downs, the guy who was willing to step way out of his depths to be here for her, analyzing scripts and encouraging her dreams. That was worth more than any ideal character or someone who shared her artistic sensibilities and spoke the same language. Being her husband, striving to be the very best husband anyone could be, that was everything.

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