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Episode 743: If You Want It

Adria smoothed her hands over the velvet skirt of her shopkeeper’s costume. Standing on stage with her back to the auditorium, she muttered her lines to herself while her director made some suggestions to the other actors.

Adria knelt and crossed out a few things in her script, then added other directions before returning to her full height and muttering again. She wanted to be the best, most interesting female Scrooge there could possibly be, and so, with their opening only hours away, she was nervous and excited all at once.

Generally, this was the point in the process where nothing shook her focus, but something prompted her to turn around and look out into the empty seats, which weren’t as empty as she’d thought they’d be.

Much to Adria’s horror, Dustin stared back at her; he even gave her a subtle wave.

Nauseated, Adria made an excuse to the rest of the company, telling them she’d be fine, but she did need a minute or two of air. She headed outside and soon enough her former director joined her.

"You can’t be here," she said and wrapped her arms around herself, in defense against the icy breeze, and the discomfort of it all.

"You were great up there," Dustin said, "it’s not much of a part though."

"It’s a classic." She frowned at him, insulted.

"I know, I just mean it can’t be that challenging for you. You should be taking on something more complex, like this." Dustin handed her a script. "Consider it an early Christmas present," he said, and with that, he walked away.

Episode 744: Blank Space

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