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Episode 741: Lift Me Up

Tansy coughed into the phone even though she hated to worry her mom so, especially when her baby brother Hero had his first cold. It was the worst timing ever.

"Iím okay," Tansy said, "Grandmaís making chicken soup." Tansy realized that was the totally wrong thing to say the moment she said it, but by then it was too late.

"So you really donít need me?" Her sensitive mom asked. "You have Grandma."

"No, I need you, I do. I mean, I donít even really like chicken soup and you tuck in blankets way better than Grandma. Hero and I were so much comfier once you stopped by on your break this afternoon."

"Well, maybe I should just call it a day then, and come home, huh?"

"No, no, you have to stay. I want to hear all about that ladyís nail polish, and if you donít stay, weíll miss out on the samples, right? I think samples will make me feel tons better than chicken soup ever could." Tansy hoped sheíd laid it on thick enough that her mom felt better.

"Oh, okay, definitely, if thatíll cheer you up, Iíll grab as many bottles as I can get my hands on." Her mom sounded a thousand times more enthusiastic. "When youíre feeling better, baby, we can have a mother-daughter day of nails."

"That sounds good," Tansy replied and she really meant it. Nail polish with her mom was something to look forward to, unlike school. Ugh! Just the thought of school gave her stomach that bunched up topsy-turvy feel. As much as Tansy wanted a nail polish day, she was in no hurry to get well and return to school, she longed for at least one more day away from her classmates, so if that meant pressing the electric blanket to her forehead some more and perfecting her cough, then thatís what sheíd do.

Episode 742: Thank You

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