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Episode 738: Shake It Off

Little ghosts, goblins, superheroes, and princesses swarmed the bookstore, checking out the games, crafting stations, and spooky decorations Ava and Bas had set up, not to mention listening to scary audio stories theyíd hopefully beg their parents to buy for them, and the most important Halloween activity of all, collecting candy.

Avalon stopped in her Pippi Longstocking getup, and smiled for a moment as she observed the scene, for the first time in awhile, the future wasnít looking so bleak to her. Until a cat-suited Lila saddled up to her.

"So," the redhead said, "Iím thinking our first order of business should be to set a firm wedding date."

Ava actually didnít dislike Lila anymore, her best friendís wife had grown on her overt he years, and Ava knew Lila sincerely wanted to do a good job in planning the wedding, but Ava herself, was not yet prepared to plan the wedding.

"The first order of business," Ava corrected, "is for me to take care of the store tonight, now is not the time for wedding talk." It would be the time though, someday. She swore it, for now, she just wanted to put it out of her mind.

Bas, in full Dracula regalia, dropped handful after handful of mini chocolate bars into his nieceís bag, his eyes on Avalon and Lila on the other side of the store, his heart praying theyíd make some progress.

"Are you sure youíre supposed to give me this much?" Tansy asked, good kid that she was, she would worry about him making a mistake.

"Iím allowed to spoil my niece," maybe not to that degree, but what was done was, done, if they had more kids come in, heíd find some mints or something, "after all, I did make your parents drag you here when youíd probably rather trick or treat with your friends."

"I donít mind it here." Tansy adjusted one of the sheer blue sleeves of her Elsa costume, looking weirdly forlorn for a kid whoíd just hit the chocolate motherload.

Bowie strolled over to his eldest son. He placed a hand on Jesseís shoulder, the boy dressed as a fifties greaser, the closest he was willing to get to a costume. "Thanks for coming along with us, Jess, but it looks like Ava doesnít need filler anymore for her event, so if you want to catch up with your friends for a bit before curfew, go ahead, just donít get up to any trouble, okay? Halloween isnít a license to be an idiot."

"Nah, Iíll stay, Iím good," Jesse said, just as he spied Caroline and Charlie walking into the store. He couldnít believe Charlie had actually brought her. Apparently, Charlie didnít have a clue about his intentions towards Caroline. Charlie truly considered him a friend now. Jesse did his very best not to feel guilty about that.

Episode 739: Since You Been Gone

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