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Episode 736: Halfway There

"The store looks pretty good, donít you think?" Ava popped a French fry into her mouth. They sat together at the bookshopís coffee bar, dining on fast-food takeout.

"I would hope it looks good by now, every muscle in my body is aching from setting this up." Bas gestured to the Halloween decorations around the shop, pretty much every inch covered in pumpkins, cobwebs, and broomsticks, and anything else that gave off a haunted, though not too scary vibe for little ones. "You must feel the aches and pains, too."

"I am, but, itíll be worth it." Avalon sipped from her strawberry shake. "Events seem to do well for the bookstore, so hopefully things will stay on track and the bank wonít regret giving us that loan. I donít know where weíd be right now if you hadnít managed to swing that."

Bas focused on bathing his fries in vinegar and ketchup. "It was nothing. I know how much making a go of this means to you, and thatís what I explained to the guy who gave me the loan." Or at least to the guy, namely his dad, who had arranged with the bank to give Sebastian the loan so it would look on the up and up.

"My, um, Calvin," every other day Ava seemed to change her mind about what to call her dad. "Heís still convinced that there had to be more to it than speaking from your heart. He was talking about it just the other day at lunch, he-"

"Shouldnít he be focused on the wedding and convincing you to let him walk you down the aisle?" Bas just wanted the guy to focus on something other than that loan and how Bas got it. He was quite happy to distract Ava from that topic as well.

Her expression bunched up. "The walk down the aisle isnít something Iíve really considered."

"Kind of like the wedding itself," Bas said. Heíd hesitated to push her on the subject not so long ago, but with her dad fishing around he didnít want to wait, he needed that added sense of security in their relationship.

"Iíve been considering the wedding for a long time," she said, digging through her fries as if finding just the right one required intense concentration. "ItísÖ Iím always thinking about it." She wanted to marry him, she was almost certain of it, she justÖ she just had such bad memories, such lingering heartache over her previous wedding day. No matter how many times she told herself it would be different, she couldnít seem to work up her courage to go there. She would though, she really would.

"You think about the wedding all the time," Sebastian said, "but you donít really do anything about it. So," he paused, and he smiled, though something about it didnít seem quite right, like he was nervous maybe.

Ava was certain his nerves had nothing on hers. She started eating fries in hopes her full mouth would help free her from giving firm answers about their wedding just yet.

"Iíve found someone to move the planning along," he said, "and she doesnít even want a dime, Lila just wants to help.

Ava promptly had a coughing-choking fit around her french fry.

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