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Episode 730: Stay With Me

"Everythingís good," her husband promised.

Justine relaxed, a little. Just a little. It was not as good a day as she hoped it would be. She couldnít seem to talk her anxiety down. "Iím sorry, Quent. Iím being such a pain in the-"

"Youíre not."

"I feel horrible about this."

"Iím on a mission to fix that."

"Youíre not the one who needs to fix anything, Iím-"

Quentin kissed the words right out of her mouth. She knew he meant to end the conversation on that up note, but again, her anxiety just wouldnít let anything go. "How can you kiss me like that? Itís okay to be mad, you know, I wouldnít hold it against you. You should be mad at me, and annoyed-"

"I will be if you donít stop. Just donít say another apologetic word, and come with me."

Justine stayed quiet until they were outside, in their backyard, in a tent, with the rain pitter-pattering on the canvas. Quentin had it outfitted for their anniversary, with lighting, music, bedding, and a picnic basket.

"I know you werenít raised on camping, far from it," he said, "but this isnít so bad, right? I mean, weíre steps away from the kids, my parents can let us know if weíre needed, but we have privacy, too."

Justine frowned. "This isnít fair to you. You shouldnít be stuck in this tent. Youíre always stuck compromising for me."

"Youíve compromised for me, too," Quent insisted. "You gave up a lot to marry a mechanic. Compromise is good. Thatís how you got here, thatís how every year weíre still together on our anniversary while so many other couples we know are not. Iím good with it. Iím good with this tent. Iím not a fancy hotel guy anyway. I donít need that. I just need you."

Episode 731: This Used To Be My Playground

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