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Episode 728: Back To Life

Jesse looked to the brilliant blue sky, which wasnít such a brilliant move given the blindingly bright sun in his eyes - though better that than face Carolineís glare. But he felt it, anyway. She was like the human equivalent of an interrogation lamp.

Or, you know, it could be his guilty conscience making him sweat.

"What did the doctor say?" she asked.

Jesse wasnít sure he could lie directly into her eyes, but he couldnít take the sunís glare either, so he looked away, and landed at Caroís boyfriend. That guy, palling around with her cousins, taking up space on the beach blanket, it reminded Jesse that he was deceiving Caroline for the greater good, so that wasnít so bad, was it?

He managed to look at her. "The doctor said thereís nothing to worry about."

"Thatís not a diagnosis," Caroline pointed out. "Itís a little hard not to worry when you still havenít told me an actual diagnosis. You canít have had all those bouts of fatigue and stuff and itís nothing. It was something. It broke us up. So what was it, Jesse, and how do you know for sure that itís gone away?"

Jesse knew Caroline would be beyond pissed at him if he led her to believe he was cured, only for her to see him collapse again. She may never forgive him if he ended up blindsiding her like that, but that was the chance he had to take as her boyfriend headed over to where they stood. He had to make a move before he lost Caroline to that guy for good.

This was the only move he had. And, he hadnít lied about his lack of symptoms lately, so maybe whatever was wrong with him really had worked its way through his system. Maybe Caroline would never know that he wasnít being altogether honest with her.

"It was just growing pains," he told her. "Just like my mom said that first day it hit me. Itís not a big deal. Itís just some people react more severely to all the changes than others, and now itís pretty much done and Iím okay, so thatís it, Iíve been to a doctor like you wanted, you donít have to keep dating someone else in protest."

Episode 729: Come Some Rainy Day

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