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Episode 726: Perfect Girl

Hero gave one meek protest of a cry before his eyes shut and he drifted off. Justine leaned over the crib, lightly touching her lips to his sweet little head before she stepped back with a satisfied smile. Another day done with no crisis and no-

No Tansy. Justineís smile vanished as she realized sheíd gone pretty much the whole day without interacting with her daughter. Sure, sheíd acknowledged Tansyís presence in every room she saw her in, but beyond that?

Justine rushed out of the bedroom, nearly smashing into her husband in the hallway.

"Whoa, slow down," Quent said. "Whereís the fire?"

"Tansy." Justine fought the tears that threatened to fall.

"Everythingís fine," he said. "We just did the dishes together while you bathed Hero-man. Now Tans is off in her room looking for a sweater to wear to the movies since I heard itís supposed to grow a bit chilly tonight."

"Itís not fine," Justine insisted. "At least you did the dishes with her today, and you watched that cartoon this morning when I was in the shower, right? Iíve barely said more than hello, itís awful, itís-"

"Perfectly fixable. Tansy isnít leaving for the movies for a while yet, so go spend time with her. I have Hero handled. This is nothing to get down on yourself for, I promise."

"Youíre right." Justine nodded as firmly as she could muster. "I just need to check in with her and Iíll feel better about it."

However, when she found Tansy frowning at her reflection in her bedroom mirror, it didnít exactly warm Justineís heart.

"Hey, sweetie," Justine squeezed her daughterís shoulder. "Is everything okay? He didnít cancel, did he?" Justine was uncomfortable with leaning so heavily on Quentís employee, it didnít seem fair to the guy, but he was, it turned out, a truly solid, reliable person, he was like the uncle Bas had yet to step up to be, really good to Tansy and Tans adored him. It wasnít just the movie that mattered to her daughter; Tansy would be so hurt if-

"Heís coming and Iím fine, mom. Really." Tansy stood and gave her mom a big hug and a bigger smile, though something about that smile struck Justine as false, whether that was due to paranoia over her own mental state, or motherís intuition, she couldnít be sure.

Episode 727: Health And Happiness

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