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Episode 725: Smile

"Are you crying?" Xavier frowned at the sound of Taliaís sniffles through the phone. He scrubbed a hand over his jaw. How had he spent so much time with a woman like her without losing his mind?

"You get that this isnít about you, right?" He asked her.

"You just said I have no heart, that bit was definitely about me."

And it hurt her. That was the thing about Talia, as crazy as she might drive you, as awful as she seemed sometimes; she had thisÖ vulnerability, that got to him.

"Look," he said, "I know you have a heart. Itís just you need to think with your heart sometimes before you say things, okay? You know how sensitive you feel right this minute? Thatís how it is for Tansy, sheís in a very sensitive place, too, and sheís just a kid dealing with it."

"I- Iím sorry. I didnít realize. I mean, Justineís doing okay, so I thought everythingÖ Whatís going on with my niece? Whatís the problem?"

Talia and her feisty little niece Tansy butted heads constantly, but Xavier trusted that deep down, in her own way, Talia honestly cared, still, "Tansy confided in me, just me, I wonít betray that."

"I swear that whole family lives to shut me out, and yeah, I know itís not about me, but seriously, if something was going on with your family wouldnít you want to know?"

Everything that could possibly go wrong with a family had gone wrong with his. There was nothing left. He thought of Tansy that way though. He worried for her and had empathy for anyone else in the same boat. "I guess it would be okay for me to tell you that Tansyís feeling pretty alone lately."

"Been there."

"Yeah," Xavier said, "so, have some sympathy and understanding."

"Sympathy and understanding isnít really my specialty."

Xavier couldnít help laughing at that. "If youíre laughing right now, that must mean youíre smiling, too. I actually made you smile."

"Wonders never cease."

Episode 726: Perfect Girl

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