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Episode 724: Where Is Your Heart

"Bye, Mom!"

"Have fun," Talia said. She saved her sigh for after her daughter walked out the door.

The house went instantly quiet. Talia tapped her fingers on the kitchen countertop. It was a warm summer night. Both her kids had plans. She had dishes in the sink, laundry, or finally cleaning out her closet. Fun.

Even if her kids were older now, she didn’t see herself as old. She still liked to go out and do things. For awhile there she’d found a way not to feel so alone, even if they didn’t go many places or do many things, at least she’d had someone. And for a few weeks, it seemed as though he’d started to spend time with her voluntarily.

Talia clasped the book charm dangling from the necklace Xavier had given her for Valentine’s Day. That had been a surprisingly good night, and they’d had a couple more semi-okay ones since. Now all of a sudden it felt as if they were back at square one.

She hadn’t tried him for a few days though, maybe…

The phone rang and rang; she nearly gave up on him answering when he said, "yeah?"

"What took you so long to pick up?" Had he hesitated to answer at all? Or was he not alone?


So he smelled good then. "I’m coming over tonight," Talia said. She figured moxie was the only way she’d ever gotten anywhere with Xavier, might as well go with what worked. Just so long as she didn’t have to mention their agreement. She hated mentioning that. It wasn’t exactly the feel-good notion of the year thinking about how she had to blackmail someone to spend time with her.

"There’s this new movie Tansy wants to see and since her folks are obviously busy taking care of the new-"

"So busy that you’ve practically become my niece’s new dad. Every time I ask you to do something with me, you’re already doing something with her. I get that it makes you look good to your boss, and you feel like a decent person to help out, but seriously, isn’t it enough already? Tell the little charity case to get her own life and stop infringing on yours." Once she’d said it, Talia realized her words had sounded a bit harsh, but by then it was too late.

Xavier had fallen silent. So silent. "Every time I start to think you have a heart, you go and prove me wrong."

Episode 725: Smile

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