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Episode 723: What About Your Friends

Xavier waited away from the parents, nannies and whoever else congregated to collect their charges from their swimming lessons at the open-air pool in the park. He & Quentin had previously arranged where heíd meet up with Tansy, though she stalked right past him and everyone else.

He hurried to catch up and handed her the cold soda heíd brought for her. She mustered up thanks, but nothing more. She barely took a sip of the soda either, and grape was her favorite. She just hung her head and dragged her flip-flops along the sidewalk.

"Why so glum, chum?" Xavier asked. It was a phrase Tansy had taken to saying to him. She thought it was cute and would make him smile, generally it did. Sadly, it did not work the same magic on Tansy.

"Whatís wrong?"


"By now youíre usually yapping my ear off so something is definitely wrong. Were your lessons extra tough or something?"

"Iím a good swimmer."

"Yeah, your dad said that when he called me to pick you up." So if it wasnít her lessons what else would be troubling her? "Tans? Whatever it is, you know I wonít laugh or judge." He wasnít in a position to judge anyone.

They walked several more feet before finally, in a glum little voice, she said, "we did swim relays today. We picked teams."

That was enough to break his heart for her. Heíd been there as a kid himself. "Nobody picked you, huh?"

"Iím a good swimmer."

"Youíre the best everything and if they canít see that, itís their loss." That didnít appear to cheer her up any. Xavier couldnít blame her. He wasnít great at being cheerful. "I donít know what to tell you other than some people suck and you just have to ignore them and focus on your real friends."

"What if I donít have any left?"

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