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Episode 719: Say My Name

Quentin settled their baby boy in his wifeís arms, as she lay in the hospital bed, somewhat pale and disheveled from the exertion of giving birth. He still thought she was the prettiest woman heíd ever seen, the tears though; he wasnít sure about those, afraid to ask, so far, heíd just squeezed her hands and kissed her temple every time another flood let loose. This time, his thumbs swiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Iím sorry," Justine sniffled, gently stroking their baby boyís dark hair. "I canít seem to stop crying." Her distressed eyes lifted to question his. "Do you think itís a bad sign that I canít stop blubbering? Do you think it means itís happening again?" Her face crumpled a bit. "Heís been here less than a day. He needs me. And I wasnít much use to anyone when-"

"Do you feel sad or overwhelmed?" Quent asked, and held his breath.

"No," Justine said. "I mean, other than thinking about how it will be if I become depressed. I think, aside from that concern, Iím really, really happy right this minute, but if thatís really how Iím feeling, why do these tears keep streaming down my face?"

"If youíre feeling happy, thatís probably what it is." Quent grinned in relief. "People do cry when theyíre ecstatically happy. Iím feeling the same thing. Heís a pretty great kid, if I do say so myself. Dumb guy pride is the only thing stopping the tears from streaming down my face, too."

Justine smiled. "Your eyes are looking fairly shiny there, Quent."

"Itís clearly time for a topic switch," Quent insisted. "What are you thinking for baby names? Is your heart set on anything?"

"Iíve been so freaked over everything else that I havenít really thought it over. What about you?"

"The perfect idea just came to me. We should name him after you."

"Thatís not perfect, thatís horrible. His name canít be Justin. Iím not a fan of juniors or anything along that line, I grew up in a world full of parents molding their kid in their image. Tansy very much has her own identity. I want that for our little guy, too."

"I didnít mean Justin. What about, Hero? Thatís what youíve been, braving what you most feared in order to bring this little guy into our lives." Justine blushed. "Iím not sure about your reasoning, but I do like the idea of him going out into the world and trying to live up to that ideal. Iíd so much rather he strive to be a Hero, than strive for money above all else like his grandfather."

Episode 720: Welcome To The Jungle

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