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Episode 718: Just Give Me A Reason

Tansy stood as tall as she possibly could on her toes, narrowly managing to reach one silky soft paw and pull down the perfectly cuddly brown bear for her new little brother.

She dropped down to one knee, hugging the bear under one arm, while her other hand fished through her change purse, hoping she had enough allowance saved up, she wanted her brotherís first ever gift to be just from her, no help from her mom and dad.

"That better not be for me," a cranky voice suddenly said, startling Tansy and sending some of her change flying. When she saw that the cranky voice belonged to Brooke, her classmate, Tansy thought that the other girl would help her collect the scattered coins, but Tansy and the teddy bear were all on their own.

Once certain sheíd found all her money, Tansy faced Brookeís hard glare, longing for the good old days when Brooke used to smile and laugh with her at the start of the school year.

"The teddy bear is for my new baby brother. Heís in the hospital nursery." Just thinking of him made Tansy so happy and proud that for a moment she forgot how things were between her and Brooke. "Heís the cutest baby ever, heís so pink and his hairís fuzzy like this bear. You have to see him. We should go-"

"I donít want to go anywhere with you." Brookeís eyes were narrowed and her arms tightly crossed.

"I thought we were friends," Tansy said, holding the teddy bear close. "I donít understand what happened."

"Friends donít give friends a Be Mine bracelet on Valentineís Day-"


"Especially not right where the whole class could see, and when both of us are girls. Itís weird. Youíre weird."

Brooke spun around and stormed off almost bumping right into Xavier as he made his way to where Tansy stood with a death grip on the bear.

"What was all that about?" Xavier asked.

Tansy shrugged. "I liked her a lot. She used to my friend, now sheís being mean."

Xavier rubbed one of her shoulders. "Maybe thereís a reason," he said. "Do you know why sheís at the hospital? Maybe itís something upsetting and she didnít mean to take it out on you."

"Yeah. Maybe," Tansy mumbled.

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