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Episode 715: A Matter Of Trust

Lucy wandered along the dimly lit path, vaguely aware of putting one foot in front of the other towards her home, but mostly fixted on the diamond ring on her hand. Paul had asked her to marry him. He hadn’t done that when she was all alone and pregnant. He hadn’t done that when the baby arrived. He’d proposed now. And what was she supposed to do with it? What was she-

Someone grabbed her wrist! Someone just stepped from the shadows and grabbed her wrist! With the ring monopolizing her attention, and the sudden grabbing of her wrist, at night, she didn’t really see her would-be attacker until she’d already screamed. It was only after that when she realized she had no reason to worry, it was just Curran Gable, a man who had never been anything other than kind to her.

Then after that, she worried on an entirely different level. "Is Hope okay?"

Just as Curran Gable opened his mouth to answer, Paul sprinted into the scene, breathing heavily as he asked, "Was that you screaming? Are you alright?"

"I’m fine." As Lucy pressed him aside with her arm that Paul finally noticed Curran and cringed.

"Is Hope okay?" Lucy asked, with an ache in her voice.

"She’s fine," Curran said, and so Paul then knew this visit was about him. "She’s healthy and happy, but Paul here, could tell you that, he sees her practically as much as I do."

"You must be confusing Paul with someone else."

"Stop playing dumb, Lucy, I know Paul is Hope’s biological father."

Lucy bit her lip and nodded. "Okay. Well. If you’re worried that it changes something, it doesn’t. Hope… She’s you and Michael’s little girl, no one else’s."

"Thank you for saying that, it’s something of a comfort to hear it from your lips," Curran said, after a long scrutinizing look at Lucy. "I believe your intentions are good, his intentions, however," Curran nodded to Paul and then to Lucy’s ring clad hand. "I don’t trust him. And you shouldn’t, either."

Episode 716: Your True Love

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