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Episode 713: Blurred Lines

"We always seem to have plans that I don’t know about," Xavier said before walking away from the door he’d just opened without so much as a hello and returning to his seat on the lumpy sofa. It was rude and he knew it, but he might have slammed the door in her face, and he’d resisted the urge so he felt pretty good about that. Besides, it was ruder than anything that she continuously forced him to spend time with her.

"Well," Talia said with one of those overly dramatic sighs he’d come to expect from her. She dropped down beside him. "I already had a sitter and then my plans fell through," another sigh, "so here I am."

Xavier shook his head, eyeing the plate on his lap. It was his favorite sandwich - ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. He’d ventured out on a strange whim to buy real food like a regular healthy person, like he hadn’t done much of since he’d lived with Ava. He’d gone out in public where someone might have recognized him, where little old ladies shrank away as if they knew what trouble he was. He’d gone through all that for his favorite sandwich. He couldn’t it when he held out the plate and offered her half.

"I’m not hungry," Talia said, and as an afterthought she added, "Thanks."

He should have been relieved to keep the sandwich to himself. He should have been annoyed to see her finger the book charm at the end of the necklace he’d given her. She touched it as if it was a soothing talisman, as if he’d really meant for her. Like she had the totally wrong idea. But he didn’t tell her to stop. He didn’t tell her he’d bought it for someone a million times more compassionate and understanding than her.

He asked, "What’s wrong?"

"Really?" When he nodded, she pressed on. "You know how Justine’s on bed rest?"

"Yeah. I’ve taken the squirt off their hands a couple times already." Xavier frowned as a thought hit him. "Is it worse now or something?"

"I offered, you know, to look after Justine, and my brother basically threw me out. He said I wouldn’t be any help. It was hurtful."

Given that the sisters-in-law didn’t necessarily get along, and Xavier knew first hand how abrasive Talia could be, he pretty much agreed with Quentin, yet he slowly slid a hand atop Talia’s.

Episode 714: On Bended Knee

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