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Episode 710: Kiss Me

Caroline had barely had a moment to herself when Jesse found her around the corner in the hallway that led to the theater’s restrooms. It was in almost the exact same spot where she’d found him back when they hadn’t really known one another, only she wasn’t passed out like Jesse had been that night, she leaned against the wall with her head in hands.

Jesse pulled her hands away, exposing her tear stained face.

"What’s wrong?" He demanded. "What did that guy do to make you cry?"

"Charlie didn’t do anything," Caroline swiped at her cheeks. "He’s a great guy."

"Yeah, it really looks like it. First, he makes you cry, then he doesn’t even check to see if you’re okay."

"I hid it from him. He doesn’t realize I was upset. He wasn’t the one who upset me. He doesn’t go around trying to ignore that he’s sick. He doesn’t rub it in my face that he’s going to the movies with another girl."

A grin broke out across Jesse’s face. "You’re jelouas. That’s awesome. I am, too. It’s miserable, right? But since we’re both jeaous there’s a very obvious way we could fix it."

"We’re not fixing us until you make some effort to fix you."

Jesse ignored her caveat. He just went on as if she hadn’t said anything. He just moved so close into her personal space. So close to her lips.

"I couldn’t stand seeing him kiss you. It was killing me," he said.

"You have enough things killing you." Caroline was trying really hard to concentrate on what was wrong and not on how right it felt to be so close to him again.

"Yeah, so," Jesse said, sort of breathless, as if the mere thought of kissing her again had his heart racing as fast as hers. "If you’re so worried about things killing me, you could at least take one of those threats to my life away, and kiss me instead of him."

Episode 711: Rainy Days

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