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Episode 702: I Want You

Ryley quietly hung his coat and removed his shoes.

Adria wondered if he’d seen the candlelit Valentine’s dinner she’d set out on the table, or her, next to it in a new strapless dress, her blonde hair down, rushing over her shoulders. She wondered if her husband would say anything. He hadn’t exactly been talkative of late; he’d kept it to the bare minimum of what a person could get away with and still seem civil.

He approached her. She took that as a good sign. He hadn’t come near her all that often lately, either.

"Did you take the part?" Ryley asked.

Adria nodded.

Her husband nodded. He went to their bedroom and slammed the door. After a long wait with no sign of his return, Adria shakily blew out the candles.

Quentin had been swamped working on cars and every year he bought his little girl something for Valentine’s Day. Xavier loved Tansy, she’d really helped him and he didn’t like the thought of her disappointed, so he’d rushed off to the discount store to grab the item Quentin had hoped to buy for the kid.

Xavier hadn’t intended to buy anything else, but the necklace had been subtle and inexpensive enough, with a pendant shaped like a book. It totally suited her.

It wasn’t until he walked to the bookstore and saw her through the window with her arms wrapped around her fiance that Xavier remembered it wasn’t his place to give her anything anymore.

Talia tried her best not to look relieved when Xavier emerged from the stairwell into the hallway outside his apartment. It was sad enough that she’d had to blackmail her way into a Valentine’s date. It would be sadder still if she let on that she’d almost cried, thinking that she couldn’t even force a guy to spend time with her.

"Sorry, I know it’s late," he muttered, pressing his key into the lock.

"That’s okay," Talia replied as chirpily as she could muster. "I wasn’t waiting long. I was late, too."

Xavier might have seen the lie on her face if he’d even remotely turned to acknowledge her, but he didn’t. He dropped down on a chair and so Talia settled on the beat up old sofa. It was on the tip of her tongue to complain about spending another boring night at his apartment, but she hated the idea of him sending her home early. Having the babysitter or anyone else know precisely how awful her Valentine’s-

"Head’s up," Xavier said. He tossed her a small pink jewelry box and Talia recovered from her shock just in time to catch it.

Episode 703: Run This Town

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