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Episode 700: My Signature Move

Sebastian smiled and he told himself that was okay. Everything was working out the way it should. They’d celebrate. They’d kiss. They’d touch. That was all he wanted. And she wanted that, too. She loved him. So this was good.

Bas walked into the bookstore, the old-fashioned bell ringing over his head, announcing his arrival, though sadly few people roamed the floor. The store had more bad days than good of late. They weren’t exactly raking in money, at least not enough to throw a better wedding than Xavier and City Hall had offered. He knew it wasn’t a competition, it wasn’t supposed to be about who could give her more or better, it was supposed to be about love. Probably a lot of people, including Ava, saw money and love as two separate things, but Sebastian hadn’t been raised that way, and as hard as he tried, so far, he couldn’t shake it.

So he approached his fiancee with a smile on his face. "I have the best news," he said, though his smile faded when he saw who she served at the coffee bar.

Her dad always seemed a bit suspicious of him, as if he was constantly looking for the chink in his future son-in-law’s armor. Sebastian had plenty of chinks in his armor, that was what made him so nervous around the guy that he lost his train of thought.

"Your good news?" Avalon prodded.

"Oh, yeah, right." His mouth felt a bit dry and his hands too clammy. He chose to blame her dad’s scrutinizing gaze for that, not guilt. He loved Avalon. He wanted to give her the very best and he’d found a way to do so, and that was a good thing. "I know you think buying lottery tickets is a waste of our money and you won’t be thrilled that I bought some behind your back, but maybe the fact that we won can make up for that and a lot of other things."

Episode 701: Arms

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