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Episode 697: With Me

"Itís every bit as amazing the second time around," Quent noted as he pulled the car out of the clinic parking lot and onto the street. "That little thing on the screen is actually going to be a person someday, our person. Itís pretty incredible."

"So far, so good," his wife, Justine, said from the passenger seat.

"Is health something youíve been really anxious over?" Quent asked. "Is that why you waited so long to tell me?" He was mindful to keep even a hint of accusation from his tone. He wasnít accusing. "Youíre farther along than I thought considering you didnít tell me until Christmas. Are you doing okay? If youíve been freaking out over this, I wish youíd told me." He reached over and gave her arm a squeeze.

Justine touched his hand. "I wasnít going to do anything behind your back, I swear."

"I know." He took his attention from the road only long enough to assure her with his eyes.

"I am anxious over the babyís health, but thereís more. I thoughtÖ I thought maybe I might not be up to having another baby. I justÖ this sounds so selfish, I was worried about me."

"Itís not selfish, Justine. As happy as I am to add another baby to our family, Iím worried about you, too. We both have to try to be honest and up front about it, okay? Whatever youíre feeling, even if youíre afraid it makes you seem selfish, I want you to talk to me, I want you to trust that I wonít judge you. Iíll help you handle it, so maybe you wonít get to that place you were in after Tans was born. I want us to handle this together."

Justine leaned in and pressed her lips to his cheek. "That sounds really, really good to me, thanks for having my back."

Episode 698: Put It On My Tab

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