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Episode 692: Run?

Adria’s ballet flats skidded on an icy patch as she crossed the street. She wiped out. Her backside smarted, and she’d scraped her palms. Everyone was so preoccupied with their shopping and other Christmas prep that no one seemed to notice her fall, or at least no one made any effort to help. One taxi driver at the intersection did notice and honked when she took too long to pick herself up off the cold, hard ground.

Finally, Adria reached the other side of the street. She groaned when she saw the line for coffee swung outside. The last thing she wanted was to stand around in the freezing cold, especially now that she was sore and damp from her tumble. She joined the line though, too desperate for something hot, to pass it up in search of somewhere else.

The door sat propped open by those waiting in line, and the slightest hint of the warmth inside reached Adria, but it wasn’t enough, she leaned into it. She only meant to thaw out her fingertips on one hand, having misplaced her gloves somewhere that day, but she got greedy with it, she leaned too far and bumped the leather-jacketed guy in front of her.

He turned. He gave her a weird look.

Adria gave him a weird look back and thought maybe she should find some other source for coffee. Dustin, her former director, the one who may or may not have wanted an entirely different kind of performance out of her, turned away, so Adria figured that would be it, they wouldn’t even talk, it would be fine, she’d get her coffee, no problem.

Dustin turned back. "Are you auditioning for something?"

The neighborhood was home to several theater and production offices, but there were plenty of boutiques as well. "I’m just out spoiling my niece for the holidays." She directed his gaze to the bags in her hands that thankfully hadn’t been too damaged by her spill.

"So, if you’re not auditioning, do you have a bunch of parts lined up?" he asked.

Adria thought she shouldn’t engage him, but at the same time it was a subject most dear to her heart, a subject this man understood better than just about anyone. "I have had some auditions. They haven’t gone very well. Nothing’s been the right fit."

Dustin turned away again. Adria figured he was probably smiling, happy for her misfortune. But when he turned back, he appeared to be commiserating, not gloating. "I’m having some tough career times, too. It’s been a struggle to remount the play; investors are skittish after the… rumors. And, well, it would help if I had a leading lady."

"How do you not have another leading lady yet, it’s been months, the part’s juicy, actresses should be all over it."

"They are. But none of them fit."

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