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Episode 686: Everything Has Changed

"This is awesome!" Nate declared over the thump of his hefty candy bag slapping his leg with every step. He was sure heíd said how awesome the night was about ninety five times, and his big brother Jesse was probably sick of hearing it, but Nate couldnít help himself. It had been awesome.

"Iím glad you had a good time." Jesse ruffled Nateís hair like their dad always did. Sometimes Nate minded that, it kind of felt like a thing people did with little kids, but this time he was okay with it, he felt too big to be little.

"Tino said my costume looked cool."

"Yeah, heís right; youíve got the scary vamp thing down cold."

"Thanks," Nate grinned, making sure to show off his fangs. It was totally cool. Tino, one of his brotherís friends theyíd bumped into, him and Jesse thought he looked cool. Plus, heíd gotten to watch Tino set off some firecrackers. And, "he invited us to his party," Nate reminded Jesse. "Itís not far from here."

"Weíre not going."

"How come?" Nateís night was suddenly a little less awesome. "Because we have a curfew, and youíre way too little to hang at that party."

"Am not!" Nate picked up his pace, leaving Jesse behind. Jesse had been kind of slow all night. His slowness hadnít bothered Nate until right that minute.

"Stomping off like that is proving my point," Jesse called out.

Nate whirled around, unsure what he would say; he just knew he had to say something, something insulting to make up for how insulted he felt. Only, suddenly, he couldnít say anything mean to his brother, not when Jesse dropped to the ground. Nate raced back to Jesse, falling to his knees beside him. "Whatís wrong? Whatís wrong?"

Jesse kind of groaned, but other than that gave no answer. Nate frantically looked around. For the first time all night he didnít want to be grown up, he just wanted to be a kid who didnít have to figure out how to deal with his collapsed brother. He saw some other kids way across the park, maybe with their parents, but they were too far away to hear him if he shouted and he couldnít just leave Jesse. What was he supposed to do?

"Call 911," he realized and dug into his brotherís jacket for Jesseís cell phone.

"No," Jesse grabbed Nateís wrist just as his fingers curled around the phone. "Call Caroline."

Episode 687: Sweet Caroline

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