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Episode 685: One Of Those Nights

"How come youíre lying down?" Nate asked the minute he walked in the door, dressed for trick or treating in a vampire costume, complete with black cape, blood-dripping fangs, and white make-up to pale out his face.

Jesse didnít need white make-up. He felt pretty pale all on his own. "Iím tired," he said.

"You canít be tired. Itís early." Nate frowned. "Itís Halloween. You have to get up."

"I donít feel like it, okay?" Jesse groaned and folded his pillow over his ears. He hated to let down his little brother, but he felt so wiped out, he wanted to sleep, for, like, a year.

"Itís not okay."

Jesse felt Nate sit on the end of the bed, only he wasnít just sitting, he was impatiently bouncing.

"Knock it off," Jesse growled and used what energy he had to fire his pillow at Nate and glare at the poor kid, who was busily fixing the fangs the pillow had jarred out of position.

"Why are you so mean now?" Nate asked.

Yeah, that was just what he needed to hear on top of how ill he felt. "Sorry, Nate, itís just, like I said, Iím tired and your bouncing wasnít helping."

"What will help?"

"I donít know, so just go ask mom and dad to take you."

"But you promised."

"I know. Iím sorry. Iíll make it up to you, soon, okay."

"Whyíd you say youíd take me when you donít even like me anymore?"

"I like you."

"Hah." Nate looked so crestfallen and dejected.

Jesse knew those feelings well lately where Caroline was concerned. He hated to think of Nate feeling even half as awful as he did. "Iím getting up, Nate. Iím going with you." It took him ridiculously long to sit up, though he felt a little better once he did. Only a little.

"Awesome!" Nate leapt to his feet.

His brotherís enthusiasm stirred enough in Jesse to help him to his feet. He was woozy and achy, but okay, enough to come through for Nate. At least, he figured he would be okay, he could walk it off maybe, but in the meantime, he asked, "do you have any more white make-up, Nate?"

"Sure. Want me to go get it?"

"Yeah. I think I have my own set of fangs from a couple Halloweens ago. I figure Iíll be a vampire, too, if thatís cool with you?" That way their parents wouldnít know how pale he was, and worry.

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