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Episode 684: No More Drama

"Any candy?" a familiar voice asked with a simultaneous rap against the open door.

Quentin looked up from the invoice heíd been studying to find his sister, Tal, stepping into his office. She was dressed as a pirate, of the variety who wore micro-minis and bustiers.

Quent rose from his chair, grabbed his coat from the rack by the door and draped it over her. "Arenít you a little old for trick or treating?" He asked, and with a frown, added, "especially trampy trick or treating."

"Itís no different from what every other woman wears for Halloween. Donít be such an old prude."

"You could stand to be more of one."

"Thatís not really getting me anywhere is it?" She waved her ringless hand at him.

"You donít want that kind of guy, Tal."

"I want some kind of guy. Iím tired of being alone."

"You have your kids."

"Theyíre not enough. So Iím going to this Halloween singles thing."

"Just keep my jacket, please." He zipped it up for her, much more comfortable once she had less skin showing, though still not comfortable enough. Yes, his sister annoyed him, yes, she was excessively judgmental of his wife, but he loved Tal, he wanted her to be happy and safe. "Tell me youíre taking a wing woman or two with you."

"Several. Weíre going as a group and weíre leaving as a group. Itís a firm plan, nothing to worry about, but thanks anyway for worrying."

Quent gave Talís arm a squeeze. "So is that why you stopped by, for a little brotherly support before you enter the dating fray?"

Tal nodded shortly. "The garage is on the way to one of my girlfriendís houses. Weíre having dinner beforeÖ" Her voice trailed off as she turned her head, her eyes searching through the open door behind her into the garage. "So, Quent, is that guy around?"

"What guy?" Was she into one of his employees? Most were married and the ones who werenít, well, there was generally a reason.

"You know, the guy Tansy thinks so much of. I wouldnít mind a proper introduction."

No way. Not happening. Xavier was getting his act together while his sister was all about drama. They were the last thing either of them needed. "Heís taken, sorry." Technically it was true, Xavier still seemed very much hung up on Avalon.

"Oh, thatís too bad," Tal said, though she didnít sound particularly resigned, so Quentin figured he should warn Xavier that a hurricane might be headed his way.

Episode 685: One Of Those Nights

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