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Episode 683: Be A Boy

Nate slammed the door, hoping it shook the whole room behind him, and threw his older brother off the bed. Jesse deserved it.

Jesse was hardly ever fun anymore. He never used to yell at Nate to get out.

Nate stomped into the kitchen and dropped into his seat with a thud, it actually kind of hurt. He wished Jesse was there to see it, to feel sorry.

But Jesse wasnít there and it made Nate so mad. He shoveled a whole meatball into his mouth. It didnít fit very well, and it was super dry, even with the sauce from the jar. His mom and dad were maybe the worst cooks ever, and they both hated doing it, so they cooked together when they could, figuring it was fair if they both were stuck with it.

As Nate struggled to swallow, he figured the fair thing for him would be if they ate pizza or pancakes every night. But nothing was fair for Nate lately. He had to sit next to Sally Stephens in school. And his brother was being such a jerk.

"Hey, pal," his dad said, setting a glass of milk in front of him. "Kind of jumping the gun a bit on dinner, arenít you? Not everybodyís at the table yet, you know the rules."

"Whereís your brother?" His mom asked as she and his dad sat down.

"Jesseís busy being a jerk."

"Nate," his parents said.

"Itís true. We were playing with my legos and then he just stopped. He told me to go away. He said heís not having dinner and I needed to get out." Nate dumped his fork in his mound of spaghetti and folded his arms, waiting for his parents to do something about it.

He dad reached over and patted his shoulder. "He didnít mean anything by it. He loves hanging out with you."

"Yeah," his mom seconded. "Jess just probably wanted to call his girlfriend. She hasnít been around much. Iím thinking they had a fight and heís maybe taking it out on you a bit, even though he doesnít mean to. Itís just kind of a teenage thing; your dad can tell you how awful I was at that age."

"Well, he better grow up then," Nate said. His mom and dad laughed at him, like he was trying to be funny, only he wasnít. He was super serious. His brother better grow up fast and stop going all lame all the time. Halloween was coming. Jesse promised theyíd go out together. Heíd better not ruin it over a stomachache or whatever was wrong with him.

Episode 684: No More Drama

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