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Episode 682: Girls Night Out

Justine took a deep breath and reached for one of the boxes. Her fingertips barely had a grasp on it when she heard "Justine," and the box fell to the drugstoreís floor.

"Sorry, I didnít mean to startle you." Ava collected the pregnancy test box from the floor and handed it to Justine.

"Thanks," Justine said, and though she knew it might not reflect well on her in some peopleís opinions, she added, "Iíd appreciate it if you didnít tell anyone about this test. Iím justÖ Iím notÖ" She wanted to know but she wasnít ready to deal with it.

Avalon nodded. "Iím supposed to be in the stationary aisle, but actually Iíve walked down every aisle except that one. Could you not tell anyone either? Iím supposed to buy wedding invitations. I donít knowÖ I justÖ Itís not that I donít want to marry your brother. I love him."

"Itís not that I donít want another baby."

"Itís just a big change," both women said simultaneously.

"The last time I had a baby," Justine said in a low voice, "I was in thisÖ slump; and it got worse, it took awhile to find my way out of it, to find balance in my life."

"The last time I prepared for a wedding," Ava said, equally low, "the groom ducked out on me."

"Sebastian would never duck out on you. Iíve never seen my brother want anything more than he wants you, itís pretty much been his single-minded focus since the very first time he laid eyes on you."

Ava smiled her gratitude, it was clearly an encouraging sentiment she needed to hear in that moment and Justine was glad to deliver it. She thought Ava had been as good for her little brother as Quentin had been for her.

"If you are pregnant, Justine, you know, you arenít alone. The bookstore isnít hugely busy; anytime you need a hand with Tansy or the baby, just call us. Itís not just you and Quentin in this, weíre family."

"Thanks." Justine smiled in return, her smile was a touch wobbly, but still, a smile. "Quentís family kind of thinks it would all be on me. My parents pretty much werenít around for us growing up except to control us. Itís nice to think thereís another family option out there, that maybe it could be different."

Episode 683: Be A Boy

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