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Episode 681: Fool?

Adria opened the door. She hoped the takeout bags in her hand would at least smooth the waters a little. Sheíd picked up all of her husbandís favorites, from three different restaurants. He wasnít going to like what she had to say.

"Ry," Adria called out as she bent to untie her sneakers and pull them off her feet. "Sorry Iím kind of late; I decided to pick up dinner. Youíre going to love it, I got-" She looked up and her words caught in her throat. The takeout bags dropped to the floor.

"Oh. Great. Dad. Youíre here." Her father generally didnít help anything go down smoothly. From the stricken expression on Ryelyís face that held true to form.

"Thereís probably enough takeout for three," she somewhat sheepishly offered as she stepped closer to where both men stood with their arms crossed.

"Iím not hungry," her father barked.

"Me neither," Ryley seconded.

"How could you have let this happen?" Her father demanded of Ryley.

"She has her own mind."

"Youíre her partner, youíre supposed to steer her mind in the right direction. Sheís not supposed to send me an email requesting I reinstate the man who sexually harassed her."

"Sheís a grown up," Ryley reiterated. "Sheís allowed to make her own decisions."

"Fine, if thatís your spineless attitude, thatís just fine. Itís your divorce. Maybe her next husband will have a backbone and stop her from heading down the wrong road with another man."

"Iím not heading down any road; this isnít leading to a divorce. My husband has plenty of backbone and everything else I could want." Adria wrapped her arms around Ryley from behind, and spoke firmly into his ear. "Donít listen to my dad. Heís overreacting, and you, are awesome for standing up for me."

Ryley pulled away and turned to her. "Just because I believe youíre entitled to make your own decisions, it doesnít mean I agree with them. I feel the same way about this that your dad does. You should trust your initial instincts about the guy. He should be punished for making you feel uncomfortable."

"What if I was wrong?"

"What if you were right? Itís not okay for him to get away with it. Is it fair that youíve had to forfeit your job while you hand him his back? I donít think so, Ad. I donít like this."

Episode 682: Girls Night Out

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