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Episode 679: Carry On

Jesse slammed his books into his locker. He didn’t even collect the books he’d need in a couple minutes for his next class. While everyone around him hurriedly went about their business, he stood there, facing his empty locker, glaring into space.

He’d spent the last hour in the same class with Caroline. He’d spent the last hour attempting to draw her attention, sending her pleading stares, passing her notes, nothing worked. She wouldn’t talk to him. She wouldn’t look at him. Not since their day at the beach hadn’t turned out to be much of a day at the beach.

Caroline had stormed out of the water and packed her things to leave. Jesse had walked her home, but Caroline hadn’t wanted him to, hadn’t let him walk beside her, he’d had to follow behind her.

Jesse took out the books for his next class as the hallway gradually emptied. He pulled them out with such force that one sprang back and smacked him. He barely felt it. He was too busy being angry. Why couldn’t she just get over it? Why couldn’t she just let him decide what’s right for him? If something happened, it would be on him, not her fault.

He walked the long route to his next class. The bell rang. He knew the odds weren’t in his favor but he hoped he might bump into her; she might give him another shot.

He found Caroline at her locker, glaring inside, just as he had been doing. It wasn’t like her to let time slip away from her; she’d only ever been late for class because of him.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

She turned her glare on him. "I miss you, and I worry about you, so, no, I’m not okay. I can’t focus."

"I miss you, too." Jesse touched the ends of her hair, feeling confident they’d work it out, but then a wave hit him. He steadied himself against the lockers and slid down to a seat on the floor.

Caroline closed her locker and sat beside him. She said nothing, but she sat there the entire time with him, until he was well enough to stand. She’d hurried off then, still without a word, but it had to be a positive sign that she’d stayed, didn’t it?

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