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Episode 678: All That I Want

Justine sipped from her glass of wine. It was her second of the evening, her limit, and probably not a lot by many people’s standards but she couldn’t remember the last time she’d indulged that much. She was usually too worried about how it would affect her later if she needed to respond to an email for work, and how she’d function the next day in the office.

For the first time in awhile, she’d allowed no such concerns; she wouldn’t check her email and she wouldn’t be in the office tomorrow, she’d taken the day off.

She felt a lot better about all of it than she feared she would. She’d smiled and laughed as content in her personal lives, as content away from her career as she’d ever felt.

"This is so good, here, try," Quent reached out, and offered a forkful from his plate.

His fingers brushed her chin. The touch sent tingles through her, she was about to tell him so, to say how lucky they were to still have that spark alive and well when the young woman the next table over once again commandeered the restaurant.

Quite a few patrons gave her a will-you-shut-up already look. Quentin didn’t appear too thrilled by the woman’s third call, but Justine’s husband was a good guy.

"It’s hard to get too grumbly when clearly she’s calling her kid," he said. "She’s trying to be a good mom."

"I haven’t even thought to call Tans," Justine realized with horror.

"She’s with my sister, she’s fine."

"She’s not your sister’s biggest fan."

"Tansy’s a big girl; she can get by without us for one night."

"But it isn’t just one night; I’m not around as much as I-"

"You’re no different than I am. You work hard and that sets a good example for her. And when you’re not working, we have family time. We’re good."

"Thanks, I need to hear that from you sometimes, just to be sure I’m getting it right. I didn’t exactly grow up in a house that got it right."

"Hey, neither did I, the women in my family have no choices, no balance, so I’m figuring this out right along with you. I get that you need to juggle to be happy, you’re no different from me. I’ve heard you on the phone refusing opportunities, putting family first, same as I do. Tans knows that, she knows she gets plenty of our time, I promise even if she does sort of hate my sister, she’s not begrudging us for one night where it’s just the two-"

"I’m sorry." Justine held up one hand and put the other to her mouth as she shot up from the table and fled for the ladies’ room, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach when she wanted nothing more than to sit there and listen to her husband confirm that finally, maybe everything was perfect.

Episode 679: Carry On

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