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Episode 669: Locked Out Of Heaven

Curran anxiously shifted his body weight from one foot to the other. "This isnt any fun for the kid."

"She seems to be surviving just fine." His wife, Michael, pointed to their little girl, Hope plopped down on her backside on the lawn, blowing bubbles through a tiny pink wand, seemingly amazed every time they appeared and disappeared.

"Well, its no fun for an adult," he complained. "Weve made our appearance, lets go for a drive, or-"

"Since when do you want to pass on networking? Most years youre the one whos been enthusiastic about this garden party."

That was back when hed enjoyed the thrill of pursuing the married hostess. Hed been a great deal more careless with his marriage back then.

"Hey," his wife said," isnt that Lucy?"

Precisely the thing Curran most wanted to be careful about. "I dont think its her."

"Yes, it is."

"What would two minutes hurt?" Paul asked.

"It might hurt a lot. You know that. Please, lets just-"

"Lucy! Its so great to see you!" Michael Gable enthused. She cuddled a bubble-blowing Hope in her arms. Curran Gable trailed slightly behind them, his expression tight. "Hope, sweetie, this is-"

"Its really nice to see all of you, too," Lucy said in a hurry. "But I really have somewhere else I need to be." Her fingertips barely brushed one of Hopes pigtails before Lucy turned away and took off.

"Well, thats too, bad." Michael looked genuinely disappointed. "Have fun the rest of the party, Paul."

He opened his mouth to ask if maybe he could visit Hope without Lucy, but he knew how strange that would seem, and he knew the daggers shooting from Curran Gables eyes would become real. So he let them go. And he cursed Lucy even though he knew it was his fault. If hed stepped up to begin with, hed see Hope all the time, his parents wouldnt have approached him just then, asking after the cute little girl. If hed stepped up, theyd know her, hed know her.

Episode 670: The A Team

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