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Episode 662: All Too Well

For every two envelopes she licked, Lila took a sip from the cherry cola her husband had sweetly delivered to her on his coffee break. She’d called him earlier, complaining about the awful taste of the envelopes. She didn’t know how she would have made it through without his thoughtful gesture.

Lila glanced out the window; it was such a warm sunny day, probably overly warm if you worked in landscaping as Bowie did. She decided she would use her own break a little later to bring him a slushee or ice cream. She grinned as she thought of how surprised Bowie would be by any thoughtfulness from her.

"Daydreaming or working?" Katherine Marques demanded as she marched into her home office. The woman always demanded something.

"Working," Lila said. She picked up another envelope and made a face as she set her tongue to it.

Katherine walked to the other side of the room, and shuffled through a filing cabinet. Once finished, she seemed to be on her way out of the room, much to Lila’s relief. Lila’s assistant job paid really well, but it was always much more enjoyable when the person she was paid to assist made herself scarce.

"I’m headed back to the clinic. I’ll be there the rest of the day if you need to reach-" Katherine stopped walking. "What is that?" She pointed to the colorful cards and envelopes stacked on the desk in front of Lila.

"The garden party invites," Lila announced. She felt more than a little proud of the design she’d chosen. "Beautiful, right?"

"Wrong. They’re all wrong." Katherine swept every one into the trash bin.

"Hey! I lost taste buds licking those things."

"Well, you’ll have to lose a few more. I am not sending out anything so gauche."

"They’re not gauche." Not that Lila was entirely sure what gauche meant. "They’re pretty flowers. They’re for a garden party."

"A garden party for people with taste."

"I have taste."

"Avalon Rubin has taste. She would have gone with the minimalist style I had in mind."

"I guess you’re just two boring peas in a pod."

"I guess you don’t value this job very much. I’d watch the insults if I were you. Don’t get too cocky here, Lila. I’m not the only one with secrets that could do serious damage."

Lila frowned. Katherine did make a good, if unpleasant point. Maybe she shouldn’t be quite so free with the backtalk, testing Katherine’s limits probably wasn‘t a good idea. Lila supposed she had gotten a bit cocky with her inflated paycheck, and having mostly made peace with her conscience. Who wouldn’t feel cocky when her life, especially at home, felt better than ever?

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