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Episode 661: Believe

Ryley sat in the armchair, trying to take care of a little extra work on his laptop and failing miserably. He glared at his wife seated on the other side of their apartmentís living room, with her eyes closed and her mouth flapping.

His glare, however, was actually directed more inward. He was being an idiot, sitting there, letting her be that way. She was his wife. He shouldnít be afraid to say something. Just because sheíd left him for dubious reasons in the past, it didnít mean it would happen again, it didnít mean he needed to walk on eggshells around her for fear of hitting a nerve. He didnít want to live that way, and it wouldnít do her any good either.

"Youíre driving me crazy," Ryley finally said. It was such a relief, particularly when Adria smiled at him, a clear sign she wasnít taking his words too personally.

"Sorry, crazy is what you get when you marry an actress." She wasnít apologizing for being an actress, thank goodness. Maybe she really was truly over that. "Iím driving me crazy, too. I know this script."

"I can attest to that," he said. "Youíve run the same lines eighty-five million times."

"Right, youíve heard me. I have it down, donít I? And I had it down before. I donít know how it went away during the audition. I told my parents I nailed this part."

"You put too much pressure on yourself."

"It was supposed to help, but it so didnít."

"You probably werenít as bad as you think."

"Trust me, it-" Her cell rang and she frowned. "Thatís probably the call to officially confirm the role belongs to someone else."

Minutes later however, a stunned Adria related a very different outcome.

Ryley launched out of his chair and pulled his wife into a celebratory hug. "See," he said. "I told you, it wasnít as bad as you thought."

Adria shook her head. "I donít see. It doesnít make sense. My audition was as bad as I thought. Why would they hire me?"

Episode 662: All Too Well

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