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Episode Sixty-Six: Unforgiven

"You have to fire her," Sebastian ordered. Katherine was in the middle of rounds and was scribbling something at the bottom of a chart when she noticed him. Pacing a couple steps this way, a couple steps that, he was inadvertently distracting all the nurses whom couldnít help admiring the false years that the beginnings of stubble added to his face.

"Colleen, the woman in 105 needs a bath," Katherine was not about to let business go to pieces, and she was every bit as strict as her husband was. She pulled Bas inside a supply room. "Sometimes I wonder if you arenít too handsome for your own good, it used to be just candy stripers- we should have made you get a job digging ditches or something,"

"So will you fire Avalon? I mean do it in a nice way and-"

"Do it in a nice way? Bassie," Katherine began reluctantly, clutching the clipboard to her chest, "she is still practically a girl, and her mother is going to die, and youíre suggesting I saddle her with a debt in a nice way."

"I- the one time I ask you for help and-"

"The one time? I have a second career cleaning up you and your sisterís messes," his mother said, "Listen I know Iíve disappointed you, and thatís why when this whole thing with Ava started I didnít warn you that it wouldnít work out. I didnít point out how similar it is to Justine; Iíve tried to hold my tongue lately-"

"Yeah youíve been keeping it inside Gableís mouth," he blurted out from spite and her hand reflexively swatted his face.

Katherineís fingertips rushed to her forehead as her son stood there, lips pursed nodding his head. Sebastian wiped at his face with the sleeve of his blue sweatshirt and pushed his palm against the sweeping door.

"Forget about her Bassie, ignore her, you donít want to learn everything the hard way. The last thing you want to be is me, isnít it?" She warned him as he walked away.

Episode Sixty-Seven: Say It Isn't So

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