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Episode 653: Step By Step

"Thank you." Caroline accepted her motive ticket then promptly took the next spot in line at the concession stand. She tucked her ticket into the hip pocket of her jeans. When her turn came, she ordered a large buttered popcorn, a box of chocolate drops, some peanuts and a root beer.

She fit the packet of peanuts into her small, slender purse, but she had to balance the chocolate drops across the top of the popcorn. With the tub a little too wide in one hand, and her soda, like the popcorn, similarly too wide for her other hand, it made for a precarious load, almost too much for Caroline to carry. It was one of the downsides of liking indie movies that no one wanted to see with her.

Fortunately, she always been cool with her own company and the reviews made it sound right up her alley equal parts smart, sad, and funny. And, with no one there to comment, you could overload on snacks without judgment, though it did prove a bit of a juggle as she carefully walked towards the theatres, hers, of course, the smallest one at the far end of the complex. She faired pretty well though, not spilling so much as a kernel of popcorn until the doors to the theatre just before hers blasted open and out walked Jesse Landon.

Caroline barely bent her chin in time to land on the chocolate drops box and stop them from sliding off the popcorn and smacking the floor. The last thing she wanted was for Jesse to hear and turn her away. She preferred that he walked ahead of her without seeing her. Okay, maybe she didn’t prefer that. Maybe she wanted to say hello, but she was shy, not to mention gun-shy after the way he’d barked at her on Valentine’s Day.

Jesse had since slipped an I’m sorry note into her locker, a note Caroline kept on her person at all times. She couldn’t work up the courage to approach him though; it had been hard enough to do so the first time. She had no intention of going anywhere near him. Not until he reached the end of the corridor and rather than turn left and head to the less busy washrooms, he stopped and leaned against the wall for a moment.

There was something wrong with him. That was apparent when he pushed off the wall and stumbled around the corner. Caroline knew he was probably okay, there was probably an easy explanation, he’d probably yell at her and she’d probably feel humiliated again. Still, her box of chocolate drops went flying as she hurried around the corner after him.

Episode 654: If You Stay

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