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Episode 651: I Walk The Line

Cal couldnít believe it when his secretary told him Sarette Jordan was waiting to see him. He put everything else on hold and told her to send Sarette right in. Heíd thought this day would never come.

She stepped inside his office and closed the door behind her. Her smile wobbled, but the rest of her looked as together as always in one of those skirt suits.

"Itís great to see you," he said, much of his anger from the previous months and years damped down at the sight of her. Cal still loved to clamp eyes on Sarette, particularly at that moment when Sarette was apparently finally ready to do what Cal considered the brave and right thing.

He started to rise from his chair to go to her and greet her properly, but she looked skittish. He didnít want to do anything that might scare her off. He didnít want to ruin this for her or their daughter, he knew it wasnít easy for her to take this step, and it would only get more difficult once everything was at last out in the open.

She took a long time to relax enough to take a seat opposite him, first complimenting his office, and talking about the weather, engaging in all manner of jittery small talk.

"Itís okay," he said. "You donít have to be nervous. Iíll be with you every step of the way, through getting to know Ava, and whatever fallout happens when your family and other people find out."

"No, youíre mistaken." Sarette twisted her hands on her lap. "Iím not doing that. Iím not telling anyone."

Calís shoulders sagged. "But youíre here."

"My husband thinks Iím after you for a charitable contribution. I have to make it look authentic. I need your help for that."

Cal shook his head, incredibly disappointed in her. "Youíre just going to let your daughter get married without you."

"Actually, I was hoping you might help me with that, too."

Great, Caleb thought with a frown, not only was Ava marrying someone Cal didnít trust, her mother was up to something as well, now he had two people he may or may not need to protect his little girl from.

Episode 652: The Great Escape

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