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Episode Sixty-Five: Change Of Heart

Sebastian was in one of those great moods where your mind is incapable of focusing on anything, like when you’re a kid waiting for it to get dark enough to go trick or treating. He never could wait, he was always the first one out before the Tupperware was even toppled with candy confections and his pillowcase would wind up three-quarters empty.

He finished off his red Twizzler and stealthily snuck up behind her while she was stocking the shelves, he put his arm around her just beneath her breasts. She swung around and smacked him in the side with a loaf of white bread.

"Get off me!" Avalon screeched raising her elbows as Bas quickly backed away.

A man in his fifties wearing a rumpled suit toting a box of doughnuts inquired rather apprehensively as to whether she was in need of any assistance.

"Why the hell would you need help Avalon? She doesn’t need help sir, if you could leave us alone-" he said, holding up his hand until the man disappeared. "I don’t understand, the other night..."

"The other night was nothing, it was an aberration, and it was dim-witted." She said these things with an undoubting firmness, though she couldn’t bring herself to look at his face.

"Hey... Ava?" He questioned softly, stroking her arm, then he noticed Bowie glaring at him at the end of the aisle. "Oh, is this about Lila? We’re not really living together; she’s jus-" Suddenly there was no really good way to make it sound simple and innocent, his spin ability had left him completely empty-handed.

Ava turned to him then, her lips parted but no words came out.

Episode Sixty-Six: Unforgiven

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