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Episode 649: Love Me

Jesse dragged his tired, achy body from his locker to the cafeteria. It wasnít far but when you felt like he did, it seemed to take forever to get anywhere. He didnít bother to line up for food. He found the nearest empty table, sat down, and laid his head on his folded arms with his eyes closed. A finger lightly tapped Jesseís shoulder. When he didnít respond, the person didnít have the decency to go away, they tapped harder. His head sprang up and he growled, "Leave me alone!"

"I just - I just wanted to give you this." Caroline, probably the nicest girl in the history of the universe, and someone heíd known since kindergarten shrank away from him and quickly left the cafeteria. Jesse wanted to chase after her to apologize, but he was too tired to move.

"I can leave you to this, canít I? Iím needed at the clinic."

"Itís just sealing envelopes. I did work for Michael Gable, I am a decent assistant."

"If you donít count bedding her husband." Katherine cringed right along with Lila; after all, she was no innocent on that score either. "Iím sorry, that was uncalled for, Iím having a crabby day."

"And you just plain donít like me and you feel like youíre stuck with me, when youíd much rather work with Ava."

"Well, yes, but itís Valentineís day, I was trying to be nice."

"Avalon?" Sebastian knocked on the bedroom door. "Is everything okay? Youíve kind of been in there a long time."

The door opened. She had candles everywhere and wore a silky robe with her hair down.

"Not to complain," he said, "but I thought we were going out."

"Well, I was thinking that by next Valentineís Day, weíll be a boring old married couple, so I wanted to surprise you, plus," her mouth turned down slightly. "I feel like Iíve kind of neglected us lately."

"Youíve just been concerned with the bookstore, thatís all."

"Yeah." She nodded. "Thatís all."

Justine knocked on her husbandís office door and stepped inside. "Almost ready for our Valentineís date night?"

He grinned. "Yep, I just have one last thing then Iíll lock up for the night."

"My feet are glad for the delay." She flopped on the small sofa and kicked off her shoes. "Remind me to stop wearing heels to work or anywhere else."

"Yeah," Quent chuckled. "That never works." He finished up on the computer and joined her on the sofa. "But maybe I can do something else to help."

"Hmm, a foot massage on Valentineís Day. Yeah, I think I could like thisÖ and more."

Episode 650: Candy

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