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Episode 648: You And I

Lucy studied the blue dress she wore. It wasnít particularly fancy, nor was she curvy enough of late for it to appear overtly sexy. Still, it didnít feel right either.

She peeled off the dress and added it to the heap on the bed. Two other dresses. A skirt. Jeans and various tops to go with them. Lucy stood there in her socks and her mismatched underthings, hands on her hips, shaking her head.

Why was she behaving as though it was a first date? They were friends now. Sort of. Mostly Lucy suspected that Paul felt sorry for her. And responsible. She figured that was why heíd visited Hope at Christmas. He felt like he owed her for having to figure out the baby situation alone, and so heíd talked his way into seeing their girl to report to Lucy, give her the gift of Hope while sparing her at least some of the emotional anguish of enduring a visit herself.

Guilt was likely also the reason Paul spent so much time with her. He seemed to have made it his mission to ensure she interacted with someone socially since he rightfully suspected that Lucy didnít see anyone beyond those she barely spoke with at school and work. He constantly urged her to get out more.

That had to be what dinner was about. Not a date. Not even friends. She was a burden he wanted off his back. An hour later Lucy answered the door with that in mind.

Confusion stared back at her.

"Did you forget about dinner?" Paul asked. "Arenít those pajamas youíre wearing?"

"They are. This dinner, itís not necessary. You donít need to do this. You donít owe me anything. We made a baby; we didnít keep her, end of your obligation to me."

"Thatís not what this is about," he insisted, and then he kissed her.

Episode 649: Love Me

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