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Episode 646: Trying To Get To You

"Just the man I wanted to see," Avalon said as her fiancé wrapped his arms around her.

"Just what I like to hear," Sebastian replied, "it makes spending the morning running errands almost feel worthwhile."

"At least you accomplished something; I only managed to sell to two customers so far."

"Who are these crazy people who wouldn’t buy whatever this face is selling?"

Sebastian tenderly took her face in his hands. He moved in to kiss her just as Ava spied movement from the corner of her eye. She hadn’t realized there was another customer in the store. As much as a make-out session with Sebastian would prove the highlight of her lousy start to the day, it wouldn’t look professional, not to mention it would be irresponsible of her not to at least attempt to make a sale.

"Customer, sorry," Ava said to Sebastian. She turned her head, but she was too late, the man had already pulled up his hood and was a step away from the door.

"Sir, wait, we have some great discounts on-"

He didn’t wait. He didn’t so much as turn his head in acknowledgement that she’d spoken to him. He charged outside. Ava was about to let it go and return to Sebastian’s arms when something struck a chord inside her. Something in the man’s gait. Something in the shape of him and the slope of his shoulders. Something reminded her of her runaway fiancé.

Ava told herself it couldn’t be Xavier, he wouldn’t return to her after all this time, and she loved Sebastian, yet that didn’t stop her from chasing after her ex.

The moment Avalon found her bearings; she raced to the door and nearly wiped out on the icy sidewalk. Sebastian was right there, steadying her as she looked every which way and saw no one.

She thought she might cry. The feeling felt even more pronounced when Sebastian turned her to face him. There was such concern in his expression and she’d just been chasing the ghost of her ex. How horrible was she?

"It’s okay," Sebastian said. "It was just one customer. Business will get better we’ll figure things out."

She nodded and she kissed him and she said, "Let’s set a wedding date."

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