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Episode 644: Catch My Breath

With her red hair a wet tangle and a towel haphazardly wrapped around her quickly showered body, Lila rushed out of the bathroom and hammered her fist on the boysí bedroom door on her way past.

"Youíd better be up and dressing guys! The bathroomís free!" She hurried on towards her own bedroom, in such a panic to be on time for her job with Katherine Marques that she didnít notice her husband hurrying from the other direction, and apparently, he didnít notice her either.

They collided in a hard hit, Lila, being the significantly smaller of the two received the worst of it, fortunately, Bowie managed to catch her before her backside would have landed on the floor with a painful thud.

"Sorry," he said, steadying her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she replied, "just a bit rattled, not that I wasnít already. I canít believe we slept through the alarm."

"I know; this place is enough of a madhouse on an ordinary morning."

Both headed into their bedroom, he veered off towards the bedside table while she threw open the closet doors.

"I have Nate gobbling down his cereal in the kitchen," Bowie said as he shoved his wallet into his pocket.

Lila pulled a blouse and skirt off their hangers and sprinted to her dresser to grab some underpinnings. "Any sign of life from Jess yet?"

"Slight mumbling, so odds are good heís close to standing."

"Iíll handle him if you can take Nate in. Iím afraid Iíll be late if I try to do both."

"I was about to suggest the same thing." Bowie arrived at her side and dropped a kiss on her lips. "See you later. The day can only get better, right?"

Minutes later, dressed, though less coiffed than she wanted to be, Lila tore the blanket off her son. "You have to get up!" When he replied that he didnít feel good, Lila was sympathetic, but she didnít want to believe it. The last thing she needed was Jesse sick on top of everything else. Or worse, to discover that yet again, her turmoil was taking an emotional toll on him. "Youíre fine. Itís probably just growing pains. Once you get up and start moving around, youíll feel better. I know it. Everything will be fine." Something had to be, didnít it?

Episode 645: So Long I'm Gone

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