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Episode 643: Starlight

Adria paced before the sofa, alternately reading the lines straight from her script, and repeating them by memory. Her husband sat in the armchair, watching her. She stopped directly in front of him, her eyes sincere and apologetic.

"Iím sorry," she said.

"What for?"

Adria twisted her mouth at him. "You know what for. New Yearís is the anniversary of when we met. This is our night. I swear I really do want to spend tonight focused solely on you and me. I just need a couple more minutes then Iíll be all yours, okay?"

"No problem." Ryley genuinely looked as though heíd meant it.

Adria smiled.

He smiled back.

She returned to her pacing and rehearsing for her audition. After a little while, Adria noticed Ryley still watched her. She also noticed her reflection in their living roomís mirror-like wall art.

Adria noticed how pale she appeared, how sweaty, and how her script shook in her hand. She turned to Ryley again. "Iím sorry."

This time his mouth screwed up. "You already said that and I told you there was no reason to feel sorry."

"Yeah, there is. I mean, look at me; I must have you concerned. Iím kind of concerned now that I look at me."

Ryley stood and wrapped his arms around her. He dropped a kiss on her forehead.

It was a comfort, but still. "Iím freaking out," Adria admitted. "This is just as bad as business school. Maybe Iím just as bad-"

"This is different," Ryley insisted. "This audition is something youíre passionate about, the only person youíre looking to please is yourself."

"So you think itís good that Iím freaking out?"

"Itís a thousand times better than seeing you beat yourself up for nothing. Iíd much rather ring in the New Year with you freaking out for the best reason."

Episode 644: Catch My Breath

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