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Episode 641: It's Christmas Time Again

Michael opened the door, surprised and worried by whom she found on the other side. "Youíre Paul, arenít you? Lucyís friend? Is everything okay with her?"

They hadnít heard from their daughterís biological mother in so long. Michael cared about the girl and had decided to stop pushing her to keep in touch, but now she wished she hadnít accepted Lucyís decision to distance herself. "Please tell me what I can do to help. Iíll do anything." Lucy had done so much for her, given her a daughter.

Paul swiped a gloved hand over his face. Mrs. Gable really was a nice lady. He hated to deceive her, but it didnít stop him. "Lucy asked me if I would drop this by." He waved the box in his hand, a doll heíd spent hours shopping for, and another hour wrapping in a fashion he hoped would light up his little girlís eyes. "May I give this to Hope?"

"Hey, Mom and Dad, just wanted to let know Iíll be there fro Christmas dinner, I mean, if itís still on, you two have a tendency toÖ"

Katherine frowned at her husband as they listened to their youngest childís voice fade on the answering machine in full jolly force.

"Anyways, I have a couple auditions lined up; I canít wait to tell you about them. See you."

"I canít believe you backed this career of hers," Katherine barked at Phillip. "Now I have to worry about how sheíll be treated in that seedy industry. As if I havenít been stressed enough breaking in a new assistant during such a busy time of year."

Phillip shook his head. "You know I get you trying to make Sebastian happy by offering his friend employment, but I donít know, Kath, thereís something about that Lila, I wouldnít trust her as far as I could throw her."

"Helpful, Phillip."

It was Christmas Eve, the boys were finally sound asleep and Lila couldnít wait until morning. She couldnít wait to see the look on Bowieís face when he opened his present. However, when she finally cajoled him into an early gift exchange, his reaction wasnít what sheíd hoped for.

"This watch is way too expensive." He looked at her with worried eyes.

"Itís not what you think, Iím not being all shallow again," Lila insisted, only to frown. "I guess I am being kind of shallow, but with good intentions. Iíve got this well paying job now, and I can buy you something nice for once. I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me, how much I appreciate the way youíve forgiven me, and been there for me, no matter how many mistakes Iíve made. I didnít know how else to say it."

"The words work just fine," Bowie replied with a smile and a kiss for her.

Episode 642: When Christmas Comes

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