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Episode 639: Heartbreak Cover-Up

Katherine eyed the wreath on the apartment door and frowned. Made of green and red construction paper, it was probably crafted by the little boy who’s life may be thrown into turmoil by her actions. It was the first Katherine had really thought of him since accidentally revealing her deception to Lila. She’d been far more concerned with how the truth might affect her life.

However, now that she had the boy in mind, Katherine was more determined than ever to put an end to the uncertainty for everyone involved. She hammered on the door, mindful of the wreath, absently wondering whether her estranged granddaughter had fashioned anything similar in recent days, when the door opened.

"Mrs. Marques," Lila said, and promptly recovering from her shock, ushered Katherine inside, checking the hallway before she closed the door, as if they were being watched. The girl was clearly losing her mind, being devoured by her guilt.

Katherine almost felt sorry for her. "You could put yourself out of this misery, Lila; in fact you are going to put us both out of our misery. This has dragged on long enough with the two of us waiting for the other shoe to drop. Give me the go ahead for a new test, or we simply never speak of this again, either way it’s over. Personally, I think the latter method is the way to proceed. If we forget it, we avoid anyone’s lives potentially turned upside down. You have a nice little home here, Lila, that doesn’t have to change if you use mind over matter, so, will you?"

The door opened just then. "Lilac, the boss gave me the rest of the afternoon off so I thought we might - Oh. Uh, Mrs. Marques, right?" Lila’s husband looked understandably confused. "What brings you by?"

His question caught Katherine off-guard. She should have prepared ahead of time; naturally, it would seem odd that someone like her would drop by the home of someone like them. Katherine made the mistake of offering the first excuse that came to mind. "I’m here to tell Lila the fantastic news. I’ve hired her as my assistant."

Episode 640: Peace on Earth

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