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Episode 638: Truly

"Iíll get it," Lila offered when the telephone rang. Aside from cute guys in tight pants, she wasnít a big football fan, not like Bowie and the boys were. Besides, she and Bowie took turns with turkey duty, and she was due in a couple minutes to check on the progress.

She grabbed the phone in the kitchen. "Hello."

"Lila, this is Katherine Marques-"

"Donít you know what day it is? I donít want to deal with this mess today!"

"I realize today is Thanksgiving," Katherine said. "And since youíve yet to give me the go ahead on the tests, I was hoping you would tell me that youíre ready to be thankful for what you have and not unnecessarily rock the boat."

"Well, obviously, Iím thankful for you," Bas said, and Ava smiled.

Her stomach was nervous, but such a lovely, sincere sentiment from her guy helped make what should have been a delicious meal, go down a little easier.

"And," her boyfriend continued, "Iím definitely thankful my dad didnít ruin everything between us."

"How would he do that?" Avaís stomach churned once more. She was worried enough over how Black Friday and the holidays would go at the bookstore without recalling how Phillip Marques had a habit of sabotaging his childrenís lives.

"I meant before," Bas said in a hurry, "exposing Xavier in the magazine and everything. You could have held that against me."

"Iím thankful I didnít." She was even more thankful that was all Sebastian had meant, that they werenít indebted or entangled with his father in any way.

Xavier sat alone in the boarding house room he rented by the week. It wasnít much, basically four walls, a futon on the floor and minimal heat. But he was surprisingly thankful for the roof over his head, and for the crayon turkey drawing on his mini-fridge, a gift from Tansy. She was a sweet kid and her dad a good guy; Xavier was glad he knew them. They and his humble home were starting to make him feel almost human again, he still wasnít sure he deserved that, but he kind of liked it.

Episode 639: Heartbreak Cover-Up

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