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Episode 637: Kiss It Away

"Tansy’s asleep. The sugar’s finally done her in," Quent reported, having passed by their daughter’s room on his way from a trip to the kitchen to retrieve warm milk for his wife.

"That’s good," Justine said, fairly certain she was a long way from sleep even though she’d climbed into bed. It was late, but she was too worked up. She doubted warm milk would do the trick, but Quent had wanted to help, so she accepted the mug from him with a thank you.

"Tans is talking in her sleep," he said, "mumbling about what a jerk her grandpa is."

"She’s the best kid."

"I have no doubt you were, too." Quent stripped down to his boxers. "You’re not a half bad adult either, no matter what he says."

Justine’s husband slipped under the covers beside her and pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth. Tears swelled in her eyes. "The same goes for you, Quent. Don’t think for one minute that I regret marrying you." She swiped at her wet cheeks. "I know you know that, I just like to reiterate the point after a run-in with him."

Quent’s hands replaced hers in drying her face. "Forget him. Let’s just get on with our lives, focus on our family instead of on the mess he’s made of his."

Quentin kissed her again. And again. Until Justine wasn’t thinking of anything other than how much she wanted her husband. But then he said, "maybe we can add to the family," and Justine pulled away.

The tears returned to her eyes. "I’ve proven, just barely that I can juggle you, Tansy, and my job, add another baby to the mix and… why do you keep trying to do that Quent? Do you want to derail my career?"

Episode 638: Truly

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