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Episode 632: Wide Awake

"Itís time to come to bed," Ryley insisted, standing bleary-eyed before her in nothing but his boxers. It was after three in the morning.

"Iím sorry." Adria barely glanced up from the textbook spread out on the coffee table. "I know this was a date night." Sheíd given her parents the heads up that sheíd be sleeping over at a friendís apartment in case they noticed her absence, which they probably wouldnít. "But Iím just too tired for-"

"I get that, believe me I do. No one is more aware of how tired you are than the man who cringes every time he sees it." Ryley slammed the textbook shut. "Come to bed and sleep."

"I just need a few more minutes to get-"

"You could have an entire lifetime and you wonít get it. Iím sorry, but itís true."

Adria had gone to summer school and begun fall semester. Ryley helped her study most every night and still she floundered.

As he so often did, Ryley shook his head at her as if to say what are you doing?

"I need to stop," she at long last realized.

The next day Adria went to her fatherís office in the city, not quite as sure of what she should do as she had been in the wee hours of the night. Not until her father made her wait while he took a phone call.

That seemed to say everything, when he could see how anxious and upset she was and still he made her wait. Why was she killing herself trying to please someone who didnít love her well enough to drop everything for her?

Adria grabbed the phone from her fatherís hand and hung it up.

Episode 633: Do You Love Me?

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